Matthew Holt

About Me

Hi, I'm Matthew Holt, and I'm a game developer and Twitch streamer! I worked at Kids Shield Services Inc for 12 months throughout the year 2022 and I am currently unemployed looking for a new job in the industry. If you're reading this because of an application I submitted, I am available to start with next to no notice for any jobs.

Now for the actual about me; I am 24 years old and I graduated with a Bachelor of IT (Honours) in Game Development and Entrepreneurship from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The school has since rebranded, and the program has changed significantly enough that it is now called the Game Development and Interactive Media program. During my time at the school, I developed several games as part of the curriculum and various Game Jam events at the school. These games varied in the technologies used for their development; in first year, our game was developed in a 2D framework developed by an upper year student at the school, in second year we developed our own 3D framework using C++ and OpenGL, and in third year our game project was developed in Unity while implementing some custom C++ DLLs. In our final year, we had capstone projects, and mine was developed in Unity as well, though the rest of the project is under NDA and I cannot disclose any more about it. I also volunteered with the student run Game Development Society throughout the first few years of my education, and was the Vice President of the Society in my third year.

Graduating directly into the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult, and I remained unemployed for almost 2 years after graduation before finally getting a job and starting at Kids Shield Services in January of 2022. I worked there until December 2022 on their brand new game, CyberGuardians: Scanners, available on the Google Play Store and soon on the Apple App Store. The main things I was responsible for on this game were the networking and in-game analytics, as well as the UI for displaying these analytics. We used Photon Unity Networking solution as the base system for our networking in game, the analytics were handled using Unity Cloud Analytics, and I programmed in the system for displaying in game learning data at the end of rounds.