Independent Contracting Work

I have spent some time working as a contractor on a single project at this time. Hopefully this section will either stay the same as I move on to more full-time work, or will grow as I find more projects to work on. We shall see.


This app is currently available on iOS and Android

I worked as an independent contractor for film and TV company 30Ninjas on their first game project, Asset15. My work on the project was mostly UI based, implementing new UI features, as well as rewriting old UI systems in order to integrate new art assets from outsourced UX company UX is Fine. This work happened over approximately 3 months in Spring of 2023, from the beginning of March to the end of May. I worked mostly on implemetning the screen space art assets, as well as worked on the functionality for the help button, and worked with another programmer, Sage Matthews, on screen space UI elements.

Programmer at Kids Shield Services

Kids Shield Services is a video  game company that has dedicated itself to making games to teach children good Cyber Security practices such as creating strong passwords and identifying phishing scams in email, SMS, social media, and QR codes.

CyberGuardians: PassX

This app is available on iOS and Android currently

I worked with Kids Shield Services on their premiere game, CyberGuardians: PassX, a game designed to teach kids how to make stronger passwords while playing a 3-lane runner style game. My work mostly related to the ending stat screens which displayed your score compared to the average scores of all other players who are playing the game. I also developed the company's internal pipeline for getting those stats from the Unity Analytics systems onto the game screens. I was also in charge of the work getting the builds from Unity to the Apple App Store.

CyberGuardians: Scanners

This app is currently available on Android with plans to launch the iOS version at some point, I assume.

I worked with Kids Shield Services on their second game, CyberGuardians: Scanners, which was developed to teach kids about various types of phishing scams. My work primarily focused on programming game systems, from the stats that show after the game to all of the networked portions of the game for gameplay purposes. I worked on this game for 12 months until it was ready for release, and up through the release of the game on the Google Play Store in December 2022.

Shadow Interactive

Shadow Interactive was a group of friends who worked together on several game projects as part of their course studies at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (later Ontario Tech University). The team was active from Winter 2017 to Winter 2019 and developed 3 games in total, all of which were showcased at Level Up Game Showcase in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I participated mainly as a programmer on the small team, but occasionally filled other roles such as project management, art, and animation


Corrupt is a 2D Stealth Platformer developed during my first year of university at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The repository can be found here. It is a bit of a messy repo as it was our first time using git. On this game I worked on the flashlight and visibility systems, as well as the hiding and EMP systems for avoiding guards.


Onslaught is a 2.5D Twin-Stick Shooter game, developed in my second year at UOIT, where you and a friend cooperate to survive many waves of enemies and bosses to survive the onslaught and set a high score.  The repository can be found here on BitBucket. My responsibilities on the project included graphics using OpenGL, controllers using XInput, and the player movement and shooting system.


This section outlines the other games I have developed outside of any formal/casual organization. Many, if not all, of these are Game Jam games from over the years.

Daru'nyuech'k's Interdimensional Depot

DID was a game developed for a game jam hosted by my school in October 2020. The repository can be found on Gitlab here. My contributions to the project were the player movement system and the frames around the items when looking at them.

Untitled Delivery Service

Untitled Delivery Service is a game developed for the Ontario Tech Game Development Society's Annual Fall Game Jam in November 2019. I worked on the programming of all major systems in the game, including the map, direction marker, movement, and interactions. The repository for the game can be found here.

Elemental Rush

Elemental Rush was a game I developed for the First annual CGX Grad Jam, run by Jillian Mood in 2020. I developed this entire game myself without any team members over the course of the weekend long jam. All programming, VFX, and art assets were done by me. The repository can be found here.

Return to Colour

Content Warning: This game deals with themes of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. If you think you might be unable to handle this right now, please prioritize your own mental health over this experience.

Return to Colour is a game developed for the Global Game Jam in January 2021. I worked as a programmer and game designer on the game. My work focused on implementing the core mechanic of doing tasks within the world to bring the colour back to the world. The repository and code can be found here.